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Deerpark Pedigree Pigs is a Family owned business where you will be guaranteed personal attention.

Robert Overend has been breeding Pedigree Pigs for 60 years and in Parternship with his two Sons Robert Andrew and Nigel they opened the first privately owned Artificial Insemination Centre in Ireland in 1985.

Deerpark are now expert in freezing and thawing boar semen and have been chosen by the British Pig Association and The Rare Breeds Survival Trust as the Centre to freeze pig semen for their Conservation.

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Boars currently at Deerpark

Barlings Freight train 1796 (DOB 13/9/15)
Sire – Barlings Freight Train651
Dam – Barlings Farewell 1366

Barlings Lassetter 1899 (DOB 29/4/17)
Sire – Maerose Lassetter 343
Dam – Barlings Farewell 1812

Ballybollen Nama Abel 239 (DOB 3/7/17)
Sire – Applegarth Nama Abel 142
Dam – Whitehill lady 115

We will have additional & more comprehensive information on boars at AI in the near future.

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