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Breed Survey

The BPA breed survey is carried out annually, this enables the BPA & breed clubs/societies to monitor bloodlines and breeders, to identify trends, geographical areas, declines and increases in both pigs and breeders.

Breeders are sent a form to complete and return to the BPA, breed survey representatives follow up any breeders who do not return their forms.

The data is analysed, and the results published on the BPA website. The information helps to formulate the conservation plan for the breed.

The survey helps the club to identify which bloodlines require support and how best to put the support for the bloodline in place. It also helps to ensure that bloodlines are distributed across regions/country, to minimise in breeding and in preparation for animal health emergencies i.e. foot and mouth, which could lead to bloodlines being lost. The BPA works in partnership with the RBST in relation to storing semen in the gene bank.

The following link will take you to the conservation page on the BPA website.

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