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Breeding Stock

When buying breeding stock

The members on the club database  are all current members of the Berkshire Pig Breeders club.

The interactive map allows you to locate breeders in your area, and the bloodlines they keep.

They have agreed to their details being published on this website as they often have weaners for fattening and/or breeding stock for sale.

The ownness is on the purchasers to check all details of breeders and to make sure that any pig being bought or hired for breeding meets the breed standard. Only pigs which meet the breed standard are be eligible for registration with the BPA.

Guidelines for purchases breeding stock

Make sure that the pig that you are proposing to buy is fully registered and ear notched. For pedigree status the pig will need to be birth notified & registered with the BPA, is the responsibility of the breeder to register pigs. Breeders should not register pigs which do not meet breed standards.

Breeders may wish to consult the Berkshire Club in relation to which bloodlines are suitable for their herd or are rare/low numbers.

Take care when breeding from unregistered stock, If the breeder hasn't registered the pig, it probably isn't suitable for pedigree breeding.

The club acknowledges that there are breeders who breed purely for fattening/meat, however this is not classed as pedigree, unless registered.

All new stock must be placed in isolation, this allows any unidentified illness to become visible and avoids transfer of possible disease to existing stock. It also allows the pig to get used to their new environment and their owner.

When purchasing new stock, check with the breeder the feeds and rations they have been giving, if different from what you usually use, instigate a slow introduction of the new food, by mixing the old and new together, changing food too quickly can lead to scour.

Health status

When viewing the pigs, have a good look and check of the pigs.

Check for pig scour, especially in weaners, do the pigs look healthy, are they well grown for their age, if buying weaners can you see the sow and other stock. Is the seller happy to talk about their pigs. What vaccinations have been given.

When you go Pig viewing, always try and look for the following:

  • Pigs that have a glossy coat
  • Pigs that are alert
  • Pigs that interact well with other pigs

Continue to monitor the health of the pig whilst in isolation, you should also administer any vaccinations/wormer, if not already given by seller.

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