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Berkshires in Demand
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10 February 2021

Berkshires in Demand

We are currently experiencing a high demand for Berkshire breeding stock.

Following the onset of Covid last year many breeders sold off their show stock which meant that breeding animals were in short supply. We anticipate this to be the same again this year. The survey results when they get published in March will show that many of our lines have gone up in numbers which is a great achievement in the background of the year we had. However there is still much work to do.

Please please please have a long hard think about keeping some pigs back when you go through the litters this year, we know times are hard with it being winter, and the price of straw and feed forever escalating, but have a think about what you keep back please. As a member of our club you can advertise here and we can help you promote your stock.

Thank you breeders for all you do as the breed wouldnt survive without loyal people like you.

Photo courtesy of Peter Sykes, Blackops herd.