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27 July 2020

Keeping Pedigree Numbers High

Registration of Rare Breeds – from Pig World

RBST Chief Executive Christopher Price said: “Registration of animals is crucial for rare breed conservation. Every registration helps to give us a more accurate picture of the status of each rare breed, allowing us to analyse trends such as increases or decreases in numbers, and geographic distribution.

Marcus Bates, chief executive of the British Pig Association commented: “Herdbook registration and pedigree breeding are the foundations of rare breed conservation. Without pedigree breeders diligently registering their pigs many of our native breeds would now be extinct. The Lincolnshire Curly Coat was the last British pig breed to be lost in the 1970’s.

“Since then a small group of dedicated breeders supported by organisations like the British Pig Association and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust have ensured that no more of our wonderful native pig breeds have been lost. When you herdbook register your pigs, you are joining one of the longest running and most successful conservation projects and ensuring that our native breeds are passed on to the next generation.”