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The British Pig Association

The British Pig Association was founded in 1884. The Association is the official breed society and maintains the Herd Books for the following breeds:

  • Berkshire
  • British Landrace
  • British Saddleback
  • Duroc
  • Gloucestershire Old Spots
  • Hampshire
  • Large Black
  • Large White
  • Mangalitza
  • Middle White
  • Oxford Sandy & Black
  • Pietrain
  • Tamworth and Welsh

The majority of our traditional native breeds have less than 500 sows, which puts them at risk of extinction. One of the most important tasks of the Association is to register the birth of all pedigree litters of pigs so that we can maintain and hopefully increase the number of registered breeding pigs in each of these breeds. Our target must be to lift numbers beyond the 1000 sow level to ensure the safety and survival of our unique genetic heritage.

The chain of pedigree registration goes right back to 1884. Piglets born to pedigree parents must be recorded if the chain is to continue. If these piglets fall out of the system, it is very difficult and expensive to prove their pedigree. By joining the BPA and registering your pigs you will be part of this important conservation project.
The Association provides certification if you are planning to sell your pigs for meat. There are significant premiums available for pedigree pork. Pedigree registration allows you to sell breeding stock for higher prices and the Association organises an Annual Pedigree Auction Sale.

The BPA also represents the interests of pedigree breeders to government and tries to prevent the introduction of legislation that would damage your breed or your livelihood.

Pedigree pigs can also be entered into agricultural shows. Showing pigs is great fun for all the family and is a fantastic shop window for the public to see our native breeds and to raise awareness of the need for conservation.

Membership starts from as little as £25 and you will be helping to preserve our national heritage of pig breeds.

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