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Berkshire Standards of Excellence

The standard of excellence of the Berkshire breed was reviewed in 1983, and the following guidelines apply.
A combination of the following definitions denoting type, quality, breeding and masculinity in the case of boars, and femininity in the case of sows and gilts.

Fine face, dished snout of medium length; wide between the eyes and ears. Ears fairly large, carried erect or slightly inclined forward and fringed with fine hair. Jowl light.

Fine, evenly set in shoulder, free from wrinkles and free from crest.

Shoulder Blades
Fine and well sloping. Special notice to be taken regarding this point in females.

Legs and Feet
Short, straight and strong set wide apart, standing well on toes and a good walker.

Long and level. Tail set high. Good spring of rib.

Broad, wide and deep to the hock.

Straight underline, with at least twelve sound and well placed teats.

Well developed in males and fine in females.

Fine and free from wrinkles.

Long, fine and plentiful, with absence of mane, especially in females.

Black, with white on face, feet and tip of tail

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