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Advertise Your Pig

To be able to advertise your Berkshire pigs on the Berkshire Club website & Facebook page, you must be a member of the club.

If you are looking to buy pigs or hire a boar

Breeding stock, weaners, finished pigs, store pigs, stud boar advertisements can be posted on the Berkshire Clubs website page & Facebook page.

Please contact website/Facebook admin who will post the advert for you.

  • Submissions will be checked before being added to the website & Facebook page.
  • Advertisements will only be posted if the advertisement form is fully completed.
  • Please either inform the club member secretary via email¬†¬†,when the pig is sold or no longer available or delete the listing from within your account.
  • All adverts will be removed from both Facebook and the website after 28 days.
  • Advertisement of pigs on the website & Facebook page is limited to fully paid up members of the club.
  • Breeding and bloodline details are essential for members to identify if the pig being offered for sale/hire is compatible to their existing breeding stock.
  • Please be respectful when replying to advertisements.

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